- Thank you all for joining us at our 2013 Fall Show, "California Dreamin'!"


The University of California Men's Chorale (UCMC) is an all-male, student-run choral group of about 20 to 30 singers from UC Berkeley. UCMC sings a cappella and with accompaniment, in large and small groups, and sometimes with our sister group, the UC Women's Chorale. We sing a wide range of styles including, but not limited to, classical, folk, contemporary, doo-wop, and of course, Cal songs. UCMC performs many times a year, providing ample opportunity to see them in person. Click on the Schedule to see what UCMC has planned for the upcoming semester!

UCMC is a proud member of UC Choral Ensembles and Student Musical Activities (SMA). UCCE is an umbrella-organization consisting of 8 student-run choral groups and 1 student-run theatre group. SMA is an umbrella-organization consisting of Cal Band, UCCE and UC Jazz Ensembles. SMA is a part of Cal Performances, a UC Berkeley-based company that is one of the world's premier performing arts presenters.

To learn more about donating to UCCE (and hence UCMC), click here. As UCCE is student-run, all donations are welcomed and appreciated tremendously!


UCMC was founded in 1885 as the University of California Glee Club, making it the oldest American collegiate choral group west of the Mississippi River. In 1911, the UC Glee Club became the first collegiate choral group to tour Europe, with a group of around 100 singers. In 1920, the UC Glee Club toured Asia, where they were billed as the "World Famous Glee Club and Jazz Band, America's Greatest College Company of Singers and Entertainers." In 1957, the group was invited to Tokyo to sing Beethoven's 9th symphony with a Japanese symphony orchestra and a chorus of women.

The Glee Club would often collaborate with the Treble Clef Society, an all-female singing group, founded as the Ladies Mandolin Society in the late 1800's. In 1972, the two groups combined to form the Concert Chorale. Recently they have split again to form the UC Men's Chorale (UCMC) and UC Women's Chorale (UCWC). The two groups perform together regularly. For more history on UCMC and UCCE, please visit A History of UCCE or the UC History Digital Archives.

UCMC is led by a full-time Director and a student/member Business Manager. For information on how to contact either, please see our Contact page.