Director and Officers

Rebecca Petra Naomi Seeman (she/hers): Conductor, music educator, and nonprofit leader. I am the Interim Director of UC Choral Ensembles at UC Berkeley, where I conduct the UC Alumni Chorus and the Cal Chorale and advise several student-led ensembles. I’m also a faculty member in the Performing Arts and Social Justice Department at the University of San Francisco, where I conduct the Classical Choral Ensembles and have taught voice, music theory, and music history. You can learn more about me at my website, or contact me at rseeman AT berkeley DOT edu.

Gavin Zhang (he/him): Hi y’all! I’m a Bass as well as Business/Music manager of Cal Chorale. I really love choral music and cognitive behavioral therapy! Feel free to reach out to me at gavinzhang AT berkeley DOT edu.

Tyler Liu (he/him) – Cal Chorales music manager, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. I’m always down to collaborate/chat, so let me know!
You can reach me at @agenttyty on Instagram or at tylerliu AT berkeley DOT edu.

Nicole Klein (she/hers). I am a Soprano 2 and the Co-business Manager of Treble Chorale. I played the clarinet for three years and percussion for one year in middle school. Additionally, I sang in my high school choir for four years and I was a part of Hazamir for four years, an international choir with chapters throughout the US and Israel that performs annually in the David Geffen Hall in the Lincoln Center in New York. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, running, reading, swimming, hiking, biking, baking, thrift shopping, and watching movies. You can contact me at nrk919 AT berkeley DOT edu.

Saranyu Nel (he/him): I’m a 2nd year double majoring in Psych and MCB. Before I began to sing, I played in school bands as an alto sax. Now I’m a Bass and Socials Manager for Cal Chorale. I’m also a member of UCBMUN! You can reach me at saranyu.nel AT berkeley DOT edu.

Hi my name is Haley Silva (she/her). I am a junior nutrition student on the pre-nursing track. I enjoy singing so much that when I came to college, choir was the first club that I sought out! Since freshman year I have been singing with Chorales and enjoy every moment of it! I am very grateful for my friends and family that keep me grounded on the educational journey at Cal. Some of my favorite pastimes are going to boba with friends, attending the Cal sporting events, running, and doing yoga! You can reach me at haleysilva AT berkeley DOT edu.

Darren Chau (he/him): Hello! I sing low bass and am the webmaster for Cal Chorale. Currently, I am a fourth-year studying MCB and am interested in pursuing medicine in the future! I really enjoy cooking, longboarding, and playing video games. Please feel free to reach out at dchau AT berkeley DOT edu.

My name is Iris Li (she/her). I am a Soprano I and served as an Assistant Finance Manager for the Spring 2023 semester and will be a Co-Finance Manager this upcoming semester. I love singing movie soundtracks, they really make me feel like I’m living in a movie. When I’m not at chorus rehearsal, you can catch me studying in the library, chilling on the grass, or trying new food places with my friends. You can reach me at iris-li AT berkeley DOT edu.