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Shortcut Link! Audition here. If no times available work for you, please reach out to Ben Hoberman, and we’ll schedule a slot that works for you.

Our members are proud be parts of a group that performs well while genuinely enjoying each others’ company. Our rehearsal schedule is designed to be manageable for the busy Berkeley student while still allowing the group to truly achieve musical excellence.

We’re currently seeking members of all voice parts, and we value a love of singing and a commitment to improvement far more than an extensive musical background. Our auditions are intended to be very low stress: you’ll be asked to do some basic sight reading and tonal recall and to sing a short prepared solo piece . See below for full details!

Rehearsal Times

Make sure you can attend these! If you absolutely cannot due to a conflict, email us! All times are expressed in Berkeley Time.

We generally hold rehearsals Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Monday rehearsals may sometimes be shorter or mandatory only for certain sections, but you should plan on attending the full length of each rehearsal every week in your schedule. We try to accommodate scheduling issues where possible, but spotty attendance is a big barrier to mastering music, so we prefer that you’re able to attend all rehearsals.

Audition Details:

Location: Cesar Chavez Building Basement – Room 43

Prepare a reasonably short solo piece (2 minutes or less) that you think demonstrates your musical passion and talent. You will also be briefly tested on some basic music proficiency skills, including matching pitches, singing scales and sight reading. After your audition is complete, we’ll follow up with you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you, and best of luck!

After reading the information above, please sign up for an audition slot HERE!

If you have any trouble setting up an audition, please contact us via our Facebook page or by emailing Ben Hoberman, whose contact details are on our contact page.