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The University of California Men’s Chorale (UCMC) is an all-male, student-run choral group of 10-20 singers from the greatest university on the planet, UC Berkeley. UCMC sings a cappella and with accompaniment, in large and small groups, and sometimes with our sister group, the UC Women’s Chorale. We sing a wide range of styles including, but not limited to, classical, folk, contemporary, doo-wop, and of course, Cal songs. UCMC performs many times a year, providing ample opportunity to see them in person. Click on the schedule page above to see what UCMC has planned for the upcoming semester!

You can contact us at ucmc@ucchoral.berkeley.edu

Check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uc.menschorale

PS: If you want to see our super-old website, go to https://ucmc.berkeley.edu/old